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ActiveWeb provides an Internet marketing toolset that will enable you to launch your marketing faster and better than your competition. With more than a decade of experience developing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) technologies, ActiveWeb Marketing Services is the engine that can propel your marketing vision.

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ActiveWeb Search is built on Active Search Marketing (ASM) technology.  ASM is a 21st century solution that catalyzes page one Google results ten times more effectively than Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
ActiveWeb created the ActiveWeb Search to help businesses generate new leads and convert them into sales using the true power of Internet marketing. We understand the challenges of Internet marketing, and as a customer of ActiveWeb, you’ll have the power to effortlessly generate new sales leveraging today’s connected world.
The Power of ActiveWeb Search:
  • Domination: Your business will dominate Google’s results for your products and services.
  • Exclusivity: You will have our exclusive support in marketing your product in your area. We will never perform the services we are providing you to any competitor for as long as you are a client.
  • Guarantee: ActiveWeb Search – Local comes with a Google page one guarantee! We guarantee you first page results on Google within 30 days of launch or you don’t pay.

How it works

ActiveWeb has distilled Active Search Marketing technologies to pure science.

To compete, good search engine results are a must …this is where we come in.
With our years of experience, proprietary technologies and techniques, ActiveWeb will work closely with your business to make the most of your online marketing campaigns.

Win Your Niche - Dominate Your Key Phrases

While old school SEO could maybe provide you with a single result for a key phrase or two after six months or more of waiting, ActiveWeb Search clients dominate the top Google rankings with three, four, five or even more of the first page results for numerous search phrases within weeks.
Get your business the essential exposure from targeted consumers.

ACTIVEWEB Search - Local

Geo-targeting is an ActiveWeb specialty. One reason for this focus is because it can drive thousands of new customers to your location-specific business.

While typical “SEO” strategies may offer web traffic, it is often from around the globe, which does you no good if you’re a local business. If the traffic isn’t driven through your door, you’ve just wasted marketing dollars. So, rather than squander your advertising and marketing budget on foreign countries, ActiveWeb Search Marketing lets your company attract and establish a genuine customer base from your specific geographic target areas.

ACTIVEWEB Search - Global

The larger the marketing circle, the greater the competition. If you want to win the battle for national or international search engine presence, claiming your web turf can be daunting.  In most cases, you will be competing against the best of the best in SEO.  You need a team that has been in the trenches of this battlefield before and won.  A team like ActiveWeb.

ActiveWeb has a successful track record of quickly placing content in the top ten of Google and other search engines for such extremely competitive topics as pharmaceuticals and personal credit.  We’ve succeeded in placing messaging on the first page within weeks, not months, for both corporations and political organizations.


ActiveWeb Cycle is a business marketing and sales process for the 21st century. It draws from traditional sales systems and adds in current social science theory and advances in social media for an up to date method to generate a following for your brand and revenue for your business. This product is delivered via coaching to teach you how to utilize the highly effective ActiveWeb Cycle method to develop a custom marketing and sales process for your business. The ActiveWeb Cycle method delivers highly targeted marketing to specific client profiles that are proven buyers of your product and/or services.


ActiveWeb Track is the most accurate search engine rank tracking solution. It tracks all pages containing content about your business and their respective search engine ranking over time. With ActiveWeb Track you are able to see how many pages containing information about your business are on the first page, how many are in first position, how many are in the top five or 'above the fold', how many are new, how many were lost, how many moved up and how many moved down. ActiveWeb Track is critical for determining your comprehensive search engine positioning.

What our customers are saying...

For our business, it’s really been nothing short of amazing.

Bruce T, Business Owner

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