Bruce T — Business Owner
For our business, it’s really been nothing short of amazing what it’s done for our search engine results. In a very short period of time—I think it was under a month—we came to dominate the entire first page of Google search results when people were looking for the key words that related to my BMW service business. And really more important than dominating the first page is that this optimization has increased our sales. It went from about, say, 20-25 percent of our customers were coming from the internet. Now, I would say that our new customers coming from the internet are probably up to about 70 percent, and I attribute the majority of that to the work that AllCity Technology has done for us.

Dave M — Business Owner
When we started using Active Search Marketing in July 2009, we virtually had no presence on the Internet, on any of the search engines, and literally within 60 days we were able to capture 5 to 6 of the placements in the first 10, so we’ve been very, very excited about where we’re going with our business, and it’s truly sent a tremendous amount of new customers through our doors that we were just not capable of reaching before.

Doug G — Business Owner
Tex Mitchell and his staff at ACTIVEWEB have done an amazing job for our company. They have been able to significantly improve our organic search engine results on sites like Google, so much so, that we nearly always have several listings in the top 10 on the first page. In fact, we are often the first, second, or third company listed. That's critical to our success in driving new customers to our door. His staff is professional, courteous, and they consistently strive to meet my organization's needs. I doubt that there is any other company in the market today that is as capable as Tex and his staff in raising our internet profile. It is my sincere hope that we can keep working together for many years to come.

Dave E — Business Owner
Well, my experience to this point has been that my clicks to my website have gone way up, my exposure has gone way up. I’m getting ranked higher and higher on the first page results concerning the search for my type of business. It’s been phenomenal and they’ve been much higher quality clicks as well.

DAVID K — Business Owner
ACTIVEWEB did a dynamite job in getting us up into the internet atmosphere and producing super content.

Jan M — Business Owner
Well, my experience is it’s one of the most innovative things we’ve done in the last year, and it has increased our new customers from the Internet tremendously. We are all over the front page of google now, and quite honestly, it’s been one of the greatest things we’ve done.

Doug G — Business Owner
Thanks for the [search rankings] report. The results look phenomenal. I appreciate everything that you and the rest of the staff at AllCity is doing for us.

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For our business, it’s really been nothing short of amazing.

Bruce T, Business Owner

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